Saturday, January 13, 2007

Perfect Match

It was 4 years ago when i had a major surgery when i donated my kidney to my older sister Sunday. it was the 11th of January 2003 and i can still remember that day on our way to the operating room of NKTI. i wanted the anesthesia to take effect immediately so i'd fall asleep and not see the hallways of the hospital. i was shivering. but did i ever thought of backing out? hell NO!!!

looking way way back....i hesitated to donate at first (that's just normal isn't it?). of course i was scared that i cried when i first found out that my blood type matched hers. for me it was a confirmation that this donation thing will and must push thru whether i like it or not. i had hesitations and made a lot of excuses...but thanks to a little complicated situation in my peaceful life i decided to make a big difference and make it more meaningful, after all she's my sister (lol). after acquiring all the required lab tests, all gave a positive match... we were A PERFECT MATCH.

the surgery lasted for about 6-7hours. "where's Sunday? is she alright?" were my thoughts when i woke up after the transplant, still feeling groggy. YES WE MADE IT! it was a success!!! thanks to all who prayed and keeps on praying for the 2 of us. there was a very low chance of rejection --THANK GOD!!! God is really good. HE wanted Sunday to live a longer life, build her own family and be an inspiration to others. it's been 4 years now that she still carries around with her my kidney and living a clean healthy life with Curtis in WA. she pursued her career as a banker and has fulfilled her dream to work on a food chain...nice job eh! all these are "answered prayers".

4 years ago when i thought my life was without a purpose. then i realized i was totally wrong when Vhic said he's lucky to have me. at first i wondered why, but now i understand what he meant when he greeted me "happy lifesaver's day!"