Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sweetest Day

I thought today was just another boring Saturday until my cell phone beeped around 4pm. A text message from my sister asking what was I doing at that moment. I replied “Nothing. Why?” She asked me to see her at the mall; she’ll buy some stuff for her kids then to the supermarket to hoard on Jasmine Thai Rice that were on sale. She also asked me to bring Janus with me. “Of course I’ll bring him”, I said. So off we went. Then she texted our other sister to join us too but she’ll be out of the office at 6pm, so she’ll just follow later. Then another thought came to her, “what if we’ll ask our hubbies to follow later and have dinner altogether someplace?” TIIIING!!!! What a brilliant idea! It’s been 2 weeks now since we last went out because hubby and son were both sick (at the same time) for a couple of days….hubby with flu; son with fever then colds. This is a great chance to see my sibs again and have quality time together…oh I miss them. Besides, they miss Janus too a lot. It was just unfortunate that we didn’t have our digicams, so we just settled with our cell phone cams instead.

While at the mall, my sister felt she needs to make up on my son so she bought Janus a set of jumpers. Sweet isn’t? We saw these table cloths with Christmas designs – she got me one too. Isn’t that double sweet? What about the dinner? We went mall-hopping and landed on a Chinese restaurant. There we shared their mouth-watery specialties and ended our meals with desserts (I had a banana split hahaha…I just can’t get enough of food). Not to mention all the chit chats and LOLs we had over food. Now that’s triple sweetness!!! I never thought this day would be a long and happy day. I just feel so happy.

We all went home with a full tummy. We dropped my sister and her daughter home with all her shopping bags. And before we left her house she gave me a “balato”. I asked her what was that for, she only said “nothing”. Hmmmm… today my lucky day? Nah! She’s just SUPER SWEET today!!!

I love you sisters! Mwah!

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