Thursday, September 11, 2008

Something Fishy

Yesterday my son turned 8 months and he always surprises me with his new tricks. He’s beginning to be more talkative, more hyperactive and more makulit. Well, he started jumping and stomps his foot at 5 months; had separation anxiety, sits and crawls on his chest at 6; but at 7 months he’d sit on his own, crawls on his knees and hand, kneels, sits on his legs, getting up holding on his crib, and babbles a lot. He could say “dada”, “tata”, “jaja”, “daaaa diiii” but not mommy. :-( He even ALMOST fell off the bed 3 times. Also, he laughs a lot especially when he recognizes someone since he’s 3 months old.

Before this day arrived, I noticed that Janus makes a lot of funny faces. He sticks his tongue out, makes a grumpy look, rolls his lips in like an old man without a denture (lol) and this fishy lip is my favorite. I wonder why babies make different facial expressions so naturally. Every baby finds ways to communicate and here are some cues to consider:

A. "I’m interested—let’s do more of this.” *

  • Has eyes wide/bright
  • Looks at you or an interesting object
  • Smiles or shows expressions of joy
  • Reaches for things (like your nose)

B. "I'm hungry!” *

  • Shows rooting behaviors—rubbing/sucking on your shirt
  • Makes mouth movements
  • Puts things in her mouth

C. "I'm sleepy.” *

  • Rubs her eyes
  • Rubs her face on your shirt
  • Pulls on an ear
  • Gets fussy

D. "I need a break!” *

  • Turns away
  • Arches his back or twist
  • Fusses or cries
  • Closes his eyes
  • Shows dull or glassy eyes
  • Grabs his hands or his body for comfort
  • Kicks or wave arms rapidly

Some babies try to get their moms to interact with them by smiling or making happy sounds. When that doesn’t work, the babies get upset. So maybe this fishy look means something I have yet to find out. ;-)

* Getting In Tune With Baby - Talaris.Org

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sassygirl said...

mana sa daddy kaya makulit...hahahaha

peace tau dax!!