Wednesday, September 10, 2008

KFC Secret Recipe Revealed?

KFC has been around for almost 6 decades. They’re original recipe chicken has been very popular that a lot of black propagandas came out from nowhere. That their chickens are being beaten, ripped apart, and thrown against walls, and so on. But up to this day, KFC denies it and claims that they get their products from credible suppliers.

For a while, I stopped patronizing KFC because of these issues. Somehow I got carried away with what I read in email circulations. Then I started to forget all about it. =)

The people in KFC are being careful about their secret recipe. Some are taking their chances to have that trade secret of the famous chicken food chain; for they thought that someone from the company has leaked the recipe. Apparently, they haven’t.

The hand-written recipe of 11 herbs and spices hasn’t been moved in decades. And if one secret ingredient ever got out on how to make their famous chicken, they’d go out of business.


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