Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Year. New Milestones.

It’s been a while since I last blogged about Janus’ new milestones. Ever since the holidays, I had also been busy on his birthday preps.

We celebrated his 1st birthday, January 10 at McDonald’s Restaurant in Tomas Morato, the one with a big French Fries building. I practically chose that place because it has a big Play Place for his kid guests. I didn’t want the parents to go gaga over their kids running around the party place. The whole second floor was exclusively for his party. We had about 70+ guests – approx. 30 kids and 40 adults. Aside from those who are abroad, a few of his godparents were not able to make it due to different unavoidable circumstances. Overall, everything went well.

Going back to January 1, I first dared Janus to walk unaided. And to my surprise he did 4 to 5 steps bravely. I was teary-eyed and overjoyed because I was beginning to get worried since his cousin started walking before her 1st birthday. I have been also seeing babies about his age already walking. I was so happy to discover that he’d walk unaided at 11 months. For awhile he was too lazy to walk and would crawl instead but now his self-esteem is back, he walks more than ever.

About this same period of time, he started to refuse using his pacifier. Before, we can’t go anywhere without it…it was my lifesaver. But now, he can sleep without it; he can stop crying without it; he spits it out because he doesn’t want or need it anymore. I have read a lot about parents trading and bribing their kid’s pacifier with toys or food or a walk in the park. I am lucky because I didn’t have to go through all that.

On the day of his birthday he started climbing up the stairs. Oh my God...what a headache! I therefore conclude that at this stage and age, they dare to explore the stairs and everything around them and nothing’s gonna stop them. Hahaha…

He’s also learning more hand gestures and action songs. I see him often doing “close, open”. He sings along with me and his daddy whenever we play our favorite music. When I play his nursery videoke, he listens and watches attentively. He talks a lot too. And when I say “AH!” he answers “AH!” too with a hand gesture…it’s just so funny.

Lastly, his upper teeth have come out. They’re two and big. :D

Now I think Janus is starting to throw tantrums. He’s been unmanageable since he got sick a week after his birthday. He had bronchitis and been taking a lot of medicines. He was also exposed to persons with tuberculosis and was prescribed with Comprilex for 3 months. This means 3 months of wrestling over his medicines. And since then he’s been very very cranky and a cry baby. He cries a lot during day time and at night time which makes me and his daddy really pissed. He cries over nothing. He cries because of the very slight (and I mean split-second) delay on his feeding time. He cries even though we pacify him. He cries for hours. He doesn’t stop. I still don’t know what can make him stop from crying. When he stops and remembers he was crying, he’d cry again. I really don’t know what to do. I am still in the quest of finding out how to deal with the situation. May God help me! =)

Despite all of his tantrums, we still look forward to his new milestones. He’s gained a lot of weight and it matters to us. He’s become taller and it matters. He’s not sick anymore and that’s what’s important to us. Whatever new thing we will discover from Janus will make us prouder parents. We love you baby!

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