Monday, October 10, 2011

Famous vegetarians and vegans

Famous vegetarians and vegans - In honor of World Vegetarian Day, let's take a look at the most notable famous celebrities who stick to a vegetarian or vegan diet. We are giving you Hollywood's recently named the sexiest vegetarians of 2011.

Famous vegetarian #1 - Pamela Anderson This famous actress has taken part in some notorious campaigns for PETA, including this one, which was banned in her native country. She is now a vegan. pamela anderson her father cleaning an animal that he had hunted.

Famous vegetarian #2 - Christian Bale This former teen star lost a tremendous amount of weight for "The Machinist" and his recent Oscar-winning role. His animal-rights activist father helped inspired him to help animals.

Famous vegetarian #3 - Kristen Bell Former "Veronica Mars" star Kristen Bell owns a Labrador retriever that was rescued from this famous disaster. What was she named in 2007? kristen bell became vegetarian at age 11.

Famous vegetarian #4 - Russell Brand This comedian and actor from this country was named sexiest male vegetarian of 2011. Although he's since settled down, he attracted notoriety in his home country for various "cheeky" acts.

Famous vegetarian #5 - Jim Carrey This actor got his big break playing an animal lover in this movie, and he stays in shape off-screen with a meat-free diet.

Famous vegetarian #6 - Chelsea Clinton The former first daughter is a full-fledged vegan. Her July 2010 wedding was notable for being mostly vegan, including a vegan wedding cake.

Famous vegetarian #7 - Ellen DeGeneres The beloved talk show host sticks to a completely vegan diet as part of her commitment to animal welfare. She and her actress wife served only vegan dishes at their 2008 wedding.

Famous vegetarian #8 - Anne Hathaway This famous actress was voted one of the world's 50 most beautiful people in 2006 by this magazine. Hathaway was a lapsed vegetarian until she broke up with her boyfriend, and she credits her diet with cutting down her stress.

Famous vegetarian #9 - Tobey Maguire This actor, who is famous for playing a comic book superhero, has been a vegetarian since 1992 and a vegan since 2009.

Famous vegetarian #10 - Chris Martin The British rocker sticks to a vegetarian diet, even though his actress wife consumes meat. PETA's sexiest vegetarian in 2005 made headlines when he bought her a vegan birthday cake from this singer's New York cafe.

Famous vegetarian #11 - Paul McCartney Beatles singer/songwriter Paul McCartney became a vegetarian in 1967 after meeting his first wife, who died in 1998. McCartney and his designer daughter came up with this ingenious method of encouraging people to cut their meat consumption.

Famous vegetarian #12 - Alyssa Milano This actress was voted world's sexiest vegetarian in 2008 and has appeared in a campaign for PETA wearing a dress made of vegetables. Milano has said that she craved a certain vegetableduring her pregnancy. "I turned vegetarian after 9-11."

Famous vegetarian #13 - Kelly Osbourne This famous Brit's commitment to live a healthier lifestyle had her shedding the pounds over the past couple of years. As a vegetarian, Osbourne also helped out this '60s rocker and his fashion-designer daughter with their "Meat-free Mondays" campaign. Osbourne said, “I smell like a vegetarian I am sweating the smell of vegetables."

Famous vegetarian #14 - Hayden Panettiere An outspoken animal activist, the young Hollywood actress does not let her vegetarianism stop her from enjoying Italian food. Her latest honor? Hayden Panettiere I adore pizza I’m a complete vegetarian, though, so no toppings with meat or fish for me.

Famous vegetarian #15 - Kal Penn Though this actor and sometime White House staffer is best known for a quest to eat hamburgers in this movie series, he sticks to a vegetarian dietin real life. Kal Penn food technicians make some really good veggie burgers that looked like meat.

Famous vegetarian #16 - Brad Pitt This leading man is one of the world's most famous vegetarians. Find out why his significant other recently gave up her restrictive diet.

Famous vegetarian #17 - Natalie Portman This award-winning actress and new mom has stuck to a meat-free diet since childhood and took the leap into veganism after reading this book "Eating Animals" by Jonathan Safran Foer

Famous vegetarian #18 - Sarah Silverman Comedienne, actress and author Sarah Silverman has been a vegetarian since she was 10. She proclaimed her support of the "Healthy School Meals Act of 2010" so that kids in schools could have healthy, vegetarian meal options.

Famous vegetarian #19 - Shania Twain Country superstar Shania Twain has been a vegetarian for 18 years and enjoys vegetarian cooking. Twain is also a fan of eating "raw" foods.

Famous vegetarian #20 - Forest Whitaker Last year, this critically acclaimed actor showed off his dramatic weight loss on the Oscars red carpet. Whitaker credits his healthier body to a vegetarian diet and exercise.

Famous vegetarian #21 - Kristen Wiig This female comedienne was named sexiest female vegetarian of 2011 by PETA. Although she is a vegetarian, her love of this candy prevents her from becoming a vegan.

Famous vegetarian #22 - Olivia Wilde The Irish-American actress won the "Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2010" award given out by PETA.

Famous vegetarian #23 - Weird Al Yankovic After reading a book in 1992, the parody songwriter was inspired to become a vegan.


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