Monday, October 10, 2011

Top Famous Smiles

Top Famous Smiles - Today is World Smile Day and we celebrate this by showcasing top famous smiles, well-known goofy grins, quirky smirks and pearly whites. Can you guess which beaming faces they belong to?

Top Famous Smile #1 - A world-famous soccer star. The clues: He began his career with Manchester United before moving on to a Spanish club, an American team and – oh yeah – marrying a Spice Girl.
Who's flashing this smile? David Beckham

Top Famous Smile #2 - A mom-to-be, "Halo" singer. The clues: She shocked the music world when she revealed her "baby bump" at the MTV Video Music Awards.
Who's flashing this smile? Beyonce

Top Famous Smile #3 - A gaffe-prone politician, Vice president of the United States. The clues: He was born in Scranton, Penn., then moved one state over, where he later served as a United States senator.
Who's flashing this smile? Joe Biden

Top Famous Smile #4 - A teen pop sensation, "Never Say Never" star. The clues: The 17-year-old "Baby" singer gave his famous girlfriend a romantic surprise.
Who's flashing this smile?

Top Famous Smile #5 - A supermodel mom, Brazilian Supermodel. The clues: She's strutted for Victoria's Secret, married a top NFL quarterback and gave birth to a baby boy in 2009.
Who's flashing this smile? Gisele Bundchen

Top Famous Smile #6 - An NFL wideout, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver. The clues: He was drafted last year by "America's Team" as the No. 24 overall pick in the NFL. He's a top wide receiver in the league.
Who's flashing this smile? Dez Bryant

Top Famous Smile #7 - A presidential candidate, Presidential candidate minister. The clues: The minister, commentator, math major and former pizza-chain CEO surprised many with his recent straw poll win.
Who's flashing this smile? Herman Cain

Top Famous Smile #8 - A Home Run Derby winner, 2011 Home Run Derby winner. The clues: The Dominican baseball player was drafted by a legendary team in 2005 and is known as one of its best postseason players today.
Who's flashing this smile? Alberto Callaspo

Top Famous Smile #9 - A longtime bachelor, "Ides of March" Clooney. The clues: The former TV star and Oscar winner – who makes his home in an Italian villa – has been spotted with a new lady friend on his arm.
Who's flashing this smile? George Clooney

Top Famous Smile #10 - Acquitted of murder in Italy. The clues: The Seattle native was studying abroad when her roommate was sexually assaulted, murdered and left for dead. Her conviction was overturned this week after four years in jail.
Who's flashing this smile? Amanda Knox

Top Famous Smile #11 - A late-night funny man, "The Late Show" host. The clues: The native Indianan has endured hosting feuds, a troubled stalker and even a sex scandal during his decades-long television career.
Who's flashing this smile? David Letterman

Top Famous Smile #12 - A music icon, "Like a Virgin" singer. The clues: Her nearly 30-year-long music career has included brief forays into acting, directing and now a fashion line with her daughter.
Who's flashing this smile? Madonna

Top Famous Smile #13 - A sidelined quarterback, Indianapolis Colts quarterback. The clues: He comes from a legendary football family and won a Super Bowl ring, but now finds himself in an unexpected role due to an injury.
Who's flashing this smile? Peyton Manning

Top Famous Smile #14 - A 'Dancing' star, Dancing With the Stars war veteran. The clues: The war veteran, who sustained severe burns during a tour of Iraq, is now a reality TV and soap opera star who is blowing away judges with his dancing skills on "Dancing With the Stars."
Who's flashing this smile? J.R. Martinez

Top Famous Smile #15 - A history-making first lady, First lady of the United States. The clues: The Princeton alumna didn't meet her future husband until they worked at the same law firm despite attending the same Ivy League law school.
Who's flashing this smile? Michelle Obama

Top Famous Smile #16 - A young Oscar winner, Sookie on True Blood. The clues: This star of a sexy, gory and popular HBO series -- who married her co-star last year – first became famous at the tender age of 11 when she won an Academy Award. Watch her acceptance speech.
Who's flashing this smile? Anna Paquin

Top Famous Smile #17 - Top-ranked male tennis player, Armani underwear model tennis player. The clues: He's currently the No. 2-ranked male tennis player in the world, behind a Serbian player. This tennis player has also added underwear model to his list of accomplishments.
Who's flashing this smile? Rafael Nadal

Top Famous Smile #18 - A royal newlywed, Duke of Cambridge. The clues: The 29-year-old prince was one of the world's most eligible bachelors until he married a commoner in an extravagant ceremony earlier this year.
Who's flashing this smile? Prince William

Top Famous Smile #19 - A former secretary of state, Former secretary of state Stanford professor. The clues: The classically trained pianist made history as the first female African-American secretary of state. Watch her swearing-in ceremony.
Who's flashing this smile? Condoleezza Rice

Top Famous Smile #20 - An Oscar-winning A-lister, "Pretty Woman" actress. The clues: The auburn-haired leading lady – known for her infectious laugh – was nominated twice before finally winning an Academy Award for this 2000 movie.
Who's flashing this smile? Julia Roberts

Top Famous Smile #21 - A Super Bowl-winning QB, Green Bay Packers quarterback. The clues: He's one of the highest-rated quarterbacks in the NFL. Before winning the Super Bowl in February, he had backed up another QB great.
Who's flashing this smile? Aaron Rodgers

Top Famous Smile #22 - An NFL QB, New York Jets quarterback. The clues: He was drafted by the NFL in 2009 as the No. 5 overall pick from a California football powerhouse.
Who's flashing this smile? Mark Sanchez

Top Famous Smile #23 - A Wimbledon champ, Women's three-time Grand Slam winner. The clues: The three-time Grand Slam winner is famous for her vocal playing style as well as her fashionable on-court attire. Who's flashing this smile? Maria Sharapova

Top Famous Smile #24 - A 'Dancing' goalie, 2011 Women's World Cup. The clues: She helped the U.S. women's team get into the final match of the 2011 World Cup before joining Season 13 of "Dancing With the Stars."
Who's flashing this smile? Hope Solo

Top Famous Smile #25 - A world-famous astrophysicist, Director of Hayden Planetarium. The clues: He's the director of a world-renowned New York City planetarium, host of a PBS series and a radio show and will soon take on a reboot of a late astronomer's popular TV series.
Who's flashing this smile? Neil Degrasse Tyson

Top Famous Smile #26 - A first-time Senate candidate, Harvard law professor Senate candidate. The clues: Before running for Senate, the Harvard law professor chaired the Congressional Oversight Panel and helped implement a brand-new government bureau.
Who's flashing this smile? Elizabeth Warren

Top Famous Smile #27 - A famous golfer, Four-time Masters winner Elin. The clues: The four-time Masters champion hasn't won a tournament since his infidelity scandal broke in 2009.
Who's flashing this smile? Tiger Woods


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