Saturday, August 02, 2008

First Time

Mother's Day comes only once every year. Of all the days, it was this special day when I really got sick. It was supposed to be our first time to celebrate, but both Vhic and I were hit by colds few days before mommies' day. I was down with fever, colds & dry cough. Vhic had it too minus the fever. Janus was so exposed to these viruses since here was no one to look after him and take care of him but us. But thank God he never got sick...thanks to his immune system. The reason I felt so bad and made the situation more depressing, is because I couldn't even have a slice of cake for that special day :(

Anyway, being a mother has always been exciting for me. It's more than a roller-coaster ride. Though it's really hurting my back so bad, I always say that having a child is priceless. Very fulfilling. It has always been my dream; any woman's dream. I am thrilled to see my son grow up; when he starts to talk and say "mama" and "dada"; when he can already show his affection & appreciation to the things and people around him; when he can express himself thru gestures. I am happy when we play together. I enjoy our book-reading sessions. I enjoy our everyday conversations. I am excited to be my son's first teacher. I want to pass on to him the values that my parents' instilled me. I am excited to so many things. Sometimes I wish that he's a grown-up now, but he can only enjoy his childhood once. So I'll let him have his moment. No rush.

They say a mother's child is her "trophy". I did not understand what that meant before but now it's all clear to me. Being a mother is the best title that God gives a woman. Whether it's your own child, foster child, godchild, or nephews/nieces, only few are blessed.

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there. Let us be proud of ourselves because motherhood is a noble thing.

And to my Mommy Soy, happy mother's day to you. THE BESTEST MOTHER I must say!!! I miss you soooo much. How I wish you're around to guide me in bringing up Janus. I love you, Ma! Love, hugs, kisses and misses to you and Daddy.


AxedbyDax said...

He is so cute.What is his name?You must be very proud of him.

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