Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Kinda Ranting

Finally after waiting for about a month, my Avent bottles arrived today. Well it actually arrived YESTERDAY MORNING but the guards did not allow the courier guy to come up to my unit and hand it to me personally (isn’t supposed to be a door-to-door service?). Been wondering why the guy from Air 21 hasn’t knocked at my door yet. I was expecting it to arrive Wednesday, and yes it arrived Wednesday at 11:25am. If I have not called the guard house Thursday morning I wouldn’t know that the package has arrived. The guard even tried to cover it up and said to hubby, “Ay sir kakadating lang po nito kanina…ihahatid na lang po naming sa unit nyo, isasabay na lang po sa pag rounds ng roving guard…”. I was in rage but still trying to cool myself down. I called the courier and asked for the delivery details (the name of the person who received it, time and date of delivery), then I called the Admin office to escalate my concern. My point is, what if it was an important document…if it’s an important item…. I would not have it delivered door-to-door if I wanted to waste my time calling the guards and ask if my package has arrived. In the first place I did NOT authorize them to receive it.

Ranting aside…. My son is sooo happy with his new Avent bottles. I am happy as well because they are addition to his other feeding bottles and I can keep his small (4oz) bottles now. While waiting for these bottles to arrive, I settled for a cheaper (in material) brand which caused my son teary-eyed while feeding. I guess feeding bottles really matter. Thanks to Avent Airflex. Two thumbs up!!!

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