Saturday, August 16, 2008

Good food. Sinful Desserts.

Food is my first love. Who doesn’t? I love every part of a meal from appetizers down to desserts. Hmmm…desserts? There’s a lot in my list and ranking them is just so hard. So I’m gonna list them in random order instead.

Chocolates – the most sinful of them all. I don’t care about all the calories, I just love it!

Leche Flan – my husband’s favorite. He just loves it especially if this to-die-for dessert is made by a family member or a friend. He feels the love with every spoonful. We don’t usually like those commercially made.

Cakes – there are different kinds. Chocolate cake is one and always in my list but my most favorite is the Caramel cake by Estrel’s. A colleague introduced this to me way, way back and ever since I’ve been ordering their cakes in every occasion in our lives. Every month we celebrate my son’s birth date. Out of his 7 months, we already had 5 caramel cakes by Estrel’s including his baptismal cake. Not to mention my sister’s birthday, my birthday, my husband’s birthday and so on. This is just the perfect caramel cake I’ve ever known.

Ice Cream – whether it’s cold or raining, every day could be an ice cream day for me. Chocolate marble was my first love but a lot of new flavors came out as time goes by. I’m a chocolate lover so any chocolate variant pleases me. ☺

Halo-Halo – yummy! My favorite of them all is Razon’s of Guagua Pampanga. I’m really not a fan of a dozen ingredients; all I want is the melted shaved ice in milk and syrup. And Razon’s halo-halo meets my preference. It has macapuno, sweetened banana, and leche flan. It’s not too sweet or too bland.

Donuts – well I really don’t consider this a dessert but sometimes when dinner is not satisfying at all, a follow up donut could seal the night. Country Style Doughnuts’ Chocolog is in my top list. The rest are Krispy Kreme’s honey-glazed donuts, Cello’s cheese flavored donuts, and Go Nuts Donuts.

Pastillas De Leche – it’s made of fresh milk, sugar, butter, and full-cream powdered milk coated in sugar. It can also be in other flavors like Nangka and Pinipig.

It's an endless list and so far these are all I can remember. Whatever mood we have, it is food that always brings us back to our sanity. Thank God for good food. Amen.


Mec said...

i've had the pleasure of tasting Estrel's caramel cake once... and though I enjoyed it, I didn't find it better than the one sold at Becky's... or the one at Hizon's :) but Estrel's at least decorate theirs better, I think :)

Mec is Mom

Anonymous said...

great content.I feel like im hungry now.Thanks for sharing